January 10, 2012

Red Tails: Please Do The Right Thing, For Better or Worse

If an accomplished director like George Lucas has to finance a movie like this on his own, hasn’t Hollywood once again (and hopefully finally) proven to us that they are only interested in very specific and limited portrayals of us? Lucas said, “I wanted to make it inspirational for teenage boys.” Looking at the condition of a large number of our boys I appreciate his effort. When he started he had a consulting group of 40 Tuskegee Airmen. There were approximately 7 left when the movie was complete. There is so much of our AMERICAN history in this movie I feel we would all fail terribly if we cannot contribute to this film having a blockbuster opening weekend, the only weekend that matters in Hollywood.  

If this was a big screen offering from the Housewives franchise (or Scarface 2012, or Ballerina Meets Hood Dude That Can Really Dance But Just Needed An Opportunity To See Life Outside The Hood...2) there wouldn’t be a question of international marketing and box office receipts. I don’t think you can have an opinion in the “Tyler vs. Spike,et al.” debate (however ridiculous that is) and not support this movie on opening weekend January 20, 2012.  I’ll kick the soapbox over now, but I reserve the right…

Vew official Red Tails trailer here:

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