July 20, 2012

What Kind of World...

Prayers go out to all of the victims of this (recent)senseless tragedy in Colorado. As my wife instructed me to "turn on the news" I knew something had gone wrong in the world as I slept. As always I will be honest with you. Though my first words to her centered on the need for prayer at this time my first thought was selfish. I was glad we were not there. Though it wouldn’t be logical for 40 year old parents of a little one to be in a movie theatre clear across the country at midnight, everything and nothing makes sense at dawn.

The second thing I thought of is Cornel Campbell’s version of The Cables classic “What Kind of World.” His accented falsetto begs the question, “What kind of world am I living in? Is it a world without love?” This song sometimes plays in my head whenever I see or hear something ridiculous or tragic. The news of moviegoers being gassed and gunned down is both. Next, images of last week’s family vacation played through. As I ushered my son through security at the Empire State Building I remember thinking “We got through too quick.” I looked around at all of the people I didn’t know-people of different hues, religions and cultures, and I wanted to grab my family and run. Hey, I said I would be honest.

I grew up in a place where no two people were from the same place but generally it was cool. The rules to get along weren’t very complicated. Sweep your steps off and keep the noise down. If I have a driveway don’t block it. There were no “anti- bullying” campaigns. If you talked about my mother I talked about your father worse. If you didn’t have one in the house it made it better for me. We dusted off our bruised feelings and went back to the park- a five on five full usually squashed all beefs. I admit I take license and romanticize about the past. Don’t we all? Most of my friend’s sentences start with “Back in the day…” Whenever the “reason” for this heinous act of cowardice is uncovered it will of course pale in comparison to the damage done. The punishment would not have fit the supposed crime.

I will continue to fight the daily urge to buy more guns and run for the hills but I will stop making fun of those that have.  I wonder if Cornel Campbell ever hums to himself?

Pray people. There is power in it.

In my humble opinion…