February 2, 2013

Get Up, Get Out, and DO SOMETHING!

   Happy Belafonte delivers a rousing and timely call to action during his Spingarn Medal acceptance speech at the NAACP Awards. At the same time that speech airs some yet unidentified (although authorities "have a good idea who the suspect is") misguided young man does the devil's work and uses a gun to shoot a student at Morehouse College after a pick-up basketball game. Dear Old Morehouse- the nation's only all-male, predominately African-American liberal arts institution. How timely was Mr. Belafonte?
    It is time to take an honest look at the culture (yes, the music, dress, motivation, drive...) and act. There is no time to waste arguing about individual freedoms and the right to express oneself. We should return to the values our forefathers held dear. Ill-prepared parents are raising ill-prepared children the culture turns into well prepared miscreants. Conflict resolution is an art we should embrace immediately. It should be taught at the most elementary level. Men should return to the community immediately and strive to protect and educate the women and children we find there.     
   There are too many pictures of buffoonery on social media and not enough pictures of mentorship and fellowship. The music is base and empty. We glorify the liar and braggart. I know men who don't make time to spend with the children they gave seed to but will stand in line to pay money they don't have to spend that same time with entertainers who despise them. I know women who find those men attractive.
    I love to laugh and I'm good for a quip,but like my dear friends father says, "Joke is joke, but damn joke ain't no joke." Whatever you do, do something.
In my humble opinion.

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